about us


Allovus is a creative resource agency providing customized design services and top-tier creative talent. We provide both staffing and direct hire services, as well as design studio resources.

We have access to an experienced and technically proficient group of UX designers, Visual Designers, UI Developers, Program Managers, Motion Designers, and Production Artists who can effectively collaborate, design, and deliver high-quality work.

Our recruiting team is able to quickly source talent to meet a variety of client needs, while our studio workforce enables us to scale resources quickly and efficiently to solve complex design and production challenges by successfully managing process and productivity.




Martina HeadshotMartina Dalton is the eagle eyes editor of the Allovus Design blog, as well as manager of our social media. Her fascination for people, their backgrounds, and how they express themselves creatively, drives her passion for writing about them. With a background in visual design, writing about creative people and the design industry comes naturally to her. With more than twenty years of experience as a designer, she has worked on projects in multimedia, software, and print for companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Better Homes and Gardens.

In addition to writing blog posts, editing, and copyediting, she also writes young adult fiction. She is currently working on the Jenny Crumb Series for teen readers.



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